Vision and Mission


At Global Putra International (GPI), visionary dreams are more than just a mere jargon. To us, every single dream means a total commitment to presenting hard working – smart working cultures, innovations and out-standing services toward our clients. GPI has proved these through integrated and efficient air-sea-ground transportation. We call it “integrated” since it covers the whole sub-systems such as port & terminal services, infrastructure, warehousing and information system, while it is efficient by having a maximized benefit with minimum possible cost at the same time.

Since its founding more than three decades ago, GPI has already envisioned a grand design of comprehensive and strong logistic solutions in both domestic and international scopes. Starting with only 7 staff in 1981, GPI has successfully emerged as an innovative logistic and transportation provider in Indonesia. Now, empowered by around 1.700 staff, we do continuously expand our regional and global networks.

We have garnered trusts from world class partners like COSCO, China Shipping, Nissin, Sagawa, Unique Groups and various pronounced vendors. With such supports, we can deliver end-to-end services for you: from importing raw materials to distributing your end products in fast and efficient manner: This surely boots your product’s competitive advantage in the market.

Our mission is simple. We are eager to build cooperation with you towards mutual success by delivering logistic solutions that comprise of 3 core values: Save Cost, Save Time and Safety. GPI teams consist of highly experienced professionals whose collaboration brings you a peace of mind. You business and products are well-taken care of.

Answering to new global challenges, GPI enhances its synergy. With a brand new corporate image which symbolizes our spirit of change, Global Putra International now is even better, faster than ever in serving you. In addition, GPI is always consistent with its corporate culture: “self-awareness” regarding our position to serve you with best quality; “Openness” – we welcome all positive suggestions and critics for improvement; and last, “self-confidence’ in living up to your quality expectation.

Let’s achieve success together!